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Steve and Darcy: Queen and Knight AU


They grew up together, playing and sharing secrets even though she was royal born and he was an orphan taken in by her handmaid’s family. But as they grew older, it was seen as un-comely for the princess to be seen in the company, especially such familiar company of a commoner. Discouraged from being seen together by family and attendants alike, Darcy would sneak out of her room late at night and bring Steven books they would read together and paper for him to draw with.

It continued on a such, until Darcy came of age. The ones that knew and let their secret meetings carry on, had no choice but to put a stop to them. A new handmaid was appointed, and Steven and his adopted family were dismissed with good incentive.

Over the years, Darcy was met with suitor after suitor. She entertained them all graciously as was her duty, though she couldn’t help but compare these boys, barely men, to the kind hearted boy of her childhood. All she had were bright, fond memories amidst the mediocrity of responsibility and obligation that was her birth right.

Until one day, when an unknown knight proves himself at tournament. With a flurry of excitement, and unusual agility, he unseated the most prominent knight in the kingdom. She did not know what compelled her towards this knight, but her heart nearly skips when he removes his helm at her request, and she sees an unmistakable pair of blue eyes look up at her with determination.

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